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"Originally released in 1877.


“Curfew mustn't ever Ring To-Night.”
The Glove and the Lions.—Leigh Hunt
A younger Hero.
The Beggar Maid.—Tennyson
Bunker Hill.—G. H. Calvert
Fastening the Buckle.—Samuel Burnham
Hervé Riel.—Robert Browning
The conflict of Lexington.—Geo. W. Bungay
The courageous at Home.—T. Buchanan Read
Kane.—Fitz James O’Brien
The Life-Boat.—Alice M. Adams
The crimson Jacket.—George M. Baker
Othello’s tale of His Life.—Shakspeare
The Blacksmith of Ragenbach.—Frank Marry
Marmion and Douglas.—Scott
The lack of the Hornet.
Man the Life-Boat.—Anon.
Sir Galahad.—Tennyson
King Canute and His Nobles.—Dr. Walcott
Outward Bound.—Anon.
The Brides of Venice.—Samuel Rogers
The touchdown of the Pilgrims.—Mrs. Hemans
The Days of Chivalry.—Anon.
The tune of the Camp.—Anon.
The Recantation of Galileo.—F. E. Raleigh
Belshazzar.--Trans. from Heine
Liberty.—From William inform. by means of J. Sheridan Knowles
The Fishermen.—Whittier
The Soldier.—Robert Burns
John Maynard.
The demise of Arthur.—Tennyson
A rainy Sheet and a Flowing Sea.—Allan Cunningham  
The jump of Curtius.—Geo. Aspinall
The experience from Ghent to Aix.
A Yarn.—Mary Howitt.


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