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Fishing Cerritos Beach

For outdoor enthusiasts, Cerritos Beach is an exceptional place to be, especially for those who enjoy some recreational fishing. Whether you prefer to cast line right from the shore or hire a personal chartered boat, fishermen are bound to have the time of their lives and are almost guaranteed to hook a wide range of incredible fish.

From beginners to pros, the waters are welcoming to any and all types of fishermen. The fish off the peninsula are so great in fact; they even host a number of fishing tournaments throughout the year including the well-known Brisbee Fishing Tournament. No matter how far you go out to sea, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by an extremely diverse sea life that is sure to keep you busy out on the waters. The fish range from Yellowfin Tuna, Cabrilla, Striped Marlin, Snapper and Sailfish.

The licenses required differ depending on what type and where you are doing your fishing. For simply fishing from shore, there is no license required. However, if you plan to charter a boat, make sure that they will provide each fisherman with a license. If they do not, it is also very easy to obtain anywhere from a weekly to annual license at a local fishing supply store.

Fishing Cerritos Beach

The Cerritos Beach Club even offers local fishing on Pangas (medium-sized fishing boat) that you can rent all day. Being a well-known company, they are guaranteed to have the licenses needed to take you out on the waters with no worry or stress. Years of experience in the business and a long list of happy customers, they can assure an incredible fishing experience.

With the entire Baja Peninsula known to have great year-round climate, the time you choose to go should be no real factor. Most days are clear and sunny, making fishing one of the top attractions in the region. It’s clear why fishermen from all over the world choose Cerritos Beach as one of their favorite fishing destinations.

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Andy Schepper

My family and I are still living in the States, but fell in love with Cerritos Beach 5 years ago. After searching for a way to be able to spend more time on Cerritos Beach, we found Jim’s project (Cerritos Beach Inn) while going for a run on the beach. Jump forward 2 years and the partnership came together to complete Cerritos Beach Inn. Google+