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Q: How far is it from the airport to Cerritos Beach?

A: We are located approximately 1 hour from both airports.

Q: Are there restaurants near by the resort?

A: Yes, beside our restaurant there are 2 other places to dine just down the beach. El Pescadero is just minutes away and Todos Santos is only 10 minutes away. There are few great choices in El Pescadero and dozens in Todos Santos.

Q: Night life?

A: The activity is really between dawn and dusk on the beach. If you venture into Todos Santos you can find some live music on the weekends. It’s not Cabo and that’s why we love it here.

Q: Is the beach safe?

A: Cerritos Beach is safe swimming, surfing, paddling, and other water sports but it’s still an ocean so use caution.

Q: Do we need Pesos or can we pay in US Dollars?

A: US dollars are preferred but most places also accept credit cards these days.

Q: What about my cell phone?

A: The area is remote but most carriers have service in the area. Sometimes it’s spotty and you have to move around a bit to get a better signal. Please make sure to call your provider and let them know you will be traveling to Mexico. Most have an option or a package to make the calls much more affordable.

Q: Is there internet service available?

A: It’s complimentary with your stay.

Q: Do I need a passport?

Yes, traveling from almost any country to Mexico requires a Passport.

Q: What should I bring?

A: It’s a laid back casual lifestyle down here. Bring casual clothes. It is cooler at night and after a day in the sun it’s a bit chilly sometimes so bring a light sweater, jacket, etc. Most importantly don’t forget the essentials: Sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, a hat, sandals, shorts and t-shirts, camera.

Q: Can I drink the water?

A: Yes, we have water trucked in and use a filtration system so it’s perfectly safe to drink the water and brush your teeth with.